Never forget

Would you happen to remember,
How things happened and why?
Have you ever wished to forget,
And be yourself without that piece?

When you forget too much memories,
Your past is full of blanks,
When you think about the future,
You can’t really guess who you’ll be.

When they ask you how things happened,
You say your piece but you get persuaded,
When things happened and they twist it,
And you can’t say what you’re sure of.

Have you ever felt like a puzzle,
With pieces falling out and missing,
When you lack memories of people,
The ones you love and why.

Do you know how it feels like to forget?
When you are unsure of everything,
When the jigsaw has black pieces,
And you can’t remember who you are.


When I forget

At one point in future,
Even if I treasure our “now”,
I will forget about us,
What we did and talked about.

I don’t keep a journal of today,
And I don’t take a lot of pictures,
My memory has always been faulty,
But I don’t want to forget you.

I want to remember how we are,
What we love and hate,
The things we shared,
And the feelings we felt.

I treasure you and our time,
And no matter how much I forget,
Please remind me and tell me our stories,
What happened and who I was.

Please remember me,
Even when the day comes,
When I forget us, and I forget me,
Please remind me of the me you knew.

My sister is a bit selfish

My sister clings to my arm,
She drags me to places she wants,
To the mall or to the bar,
If there’s no man to warm her heart

She complains to me a lot,
And she takes care of me when not,
Only when she’s lonely,
When no one will take her to places.

I love my sister, really,
But she rarely loves me back,
She doesn’t care when I get sick,
As long as there’s her lover in her room.

I try my best to bear it,
When she finds one to give her heart,
But she forgets me when she does,
And I miss her, but that’s that.

Shallow bonds

We are the people you are with,
The friend while you eat,
The acquaintances who are always there,
To hangout and to roam about.

We are your closest friends,
For a year or two, or less,
We have been been there when you’re down,
And we have celebrated with you.

We have been close,
We have been forgotten,
We have been remembered when needed,
We are just one of many,

You’ll forget me,
You will move on,
I will forget you,
We will find new friends.

The ones we forget,
The ones we won’t need,
The ones who will not look for us,
Because we form shallow roots.