Just stay safe

We are alive and we learn,
Nothing has ended yet,
Our pains might be difficult,
But struggle is a sign of life.

If you need a stranger to listen,
To problems you can’t tell your friend,
I’m here, I’ll listen,
But let me do the same with my poems.

We might be islands separated by seas,
But we have bridges and ears,
We suffer and we push through,
We are not alone and we are loved.

We are not invisible,
But our struggles might go unnoticed,
So we reach out,
To faraway ears.

We are not alone,
We are in pain but we are alive,
There is tomorrow when you reach out,
Talk to a friend or stranger.

Sometimes we need protection,
Not from external injuries,
Sometimes for emotional pain,
Often, from our own selves.


On keeping friends

When I graduated from being bullied,
I was surrounded by new people,
I tried my best to be better,
To no longer cry and show anger.

I did my best to fit in,
To be jolly and friendly,
I had lots of acquaintances,
I knew a lot of people,

Before I realized it,
I have turned stoic and apathetic,
I trusted no one,
I held no deep attachment.

I wanted friends to hangout with,
But I had no one and I was lonely,
No one will call me out of the blue,
No one to hang out with during breaks.

I don’t know how I got new friends,
I wasn’t aware until it began,
They call me out and we hang around,
We go out and we broke a few rules.

I was still unattached,
But I knew I could stay,
I could call them my friends,
Even when I’m not priority.

I guess with how things went,
What I learned the most was,
I should not kill my emotions,
Just so I can blend in.

They might think me as a friend,
But they will plant no roots on me,
When they know I’ll just leave,
As easily as I arrived.

Find a friend

When do you talk to yourself?
When you’re sad? Or angry?
When you are happy and eager?
Or while you are lonely?

What do you say to yourself?
Words of hate and annoyance,
Reproachful but kind words,
Or do you console yourself?

Do you hate yourself and present?
Or are you kind to yourself?
What you do to yourself,
Maybe no one will find out.

Love yourself if no one will,
Be kind to yourself if no one is,
But no man is an island,
Look around and find a friend.

When I forget

At one point in future,
Even if I treasure our “now”,
I will forget about us,
What we did and talked about.

I don’t keep a journal of today,
And I don’t take a lot of pictures,
My memory has always been faulty,
But I don’t want to forget you.

I want to remember how we are,
What we love and hate,
The things we shared,
And the feelings we felt.

I treasure you and our time,
And no matter how much I forget,
Please remind me and tell me our stories,
What happened and who I was.

Please remember me,
Even when the day comes,
When I forget us, and I forget me,
Please remind me of the me you knew.

Shallow bonds

We are the people you are with,
The friend while you eat,
The acquaintances who are always there,
To hangout and to roam about.

We are your closest friends,
For a year or two, or less,
We have been been there when you’re down,
And we have celebrated with you.

We have been close,
We have been forgotten,
We have been remembered when needed,
We are just one of many,

You’ll forget me,
You will move on,
I will forget you,
We will find new friends.

The ones we forget,
The ones we won’t need,
The ones who will not look for us,
Because we form shallow roots.