Making room for someone else

I check myself and found out,
I was writing a lot about you,
So I asked myself why,
And I found out my reasons.

I spent a lot of time with you,
Full of anger and sadness,
Sometimes with void I can’t explain,
And my lack of will to live.

I didn’t like what we were,
And you didn’t want to let go,
Because I was your beacon and driftwood,
And you didn’t want to drown.

And I noticed one time,
You can live on your own,
With no need for my support,
But you still wouldn’t let go.

I was useful and beneficial,
With my resources and company,
I was a trophy and a mannequin,
Just for you to show off.

Then I thought again,
I never wrote happy things,
When I thought about you,
Because I wasn’t happy at all.

And I only wrote happy things,
When I look at the future,
Places you wouldn’t be in,
And times you wouldn’t be around.

And now that I’ve left you,
I will exhaust all this angst,
My anger against you,
Then I’ll be writing about someone else.


New possibilities

Learning new things and meeting new people,
An exciting adventure, indoor or outdoor,
We gain experience and connections,
A door to new possibilities to explore.

Let’s invite in new ideas, hopes and dreams,
New future full of new choices,
New options for us to explore,
We are fresh and eager and free.

Let’s aim for that vague light,
The future we plan but cannot foresee,
Because we will drive ourselves to success,
No matter what form will make us happy.

We will choose our paths ourselves,
With no barriers, no chains or walls,
We will move forward from this point,
We will conquer this world with our might.

Knowing is a comfort

As always, I am in doubt,
About myself and my future,
The things I want,
And the people I know.

The future is indeed a mystery,
To doubt it is normal,
And so are things beyond my control,
But it’s painful to doubt myself.

To not know what I want,
The future I yearn for,
If my abilities can cope,
Or if I am destined to fail.

I wish I could believe more,
In myself and what I can do,
But I guess it goes just as far,
As the things I know right now.

Our adventures

Take me on adventures,
To see new places,
Taste new air,
Make new memories.

Help me learn new things,
Let’s teach each other,
We’ll grow together,
Our future will be bright,

Bring me new thoughts,
Beyond my imagination,
Farther than what I can see,
Fresh and with the air of freedom.

Help me grow and become wiser,
Enrich my life as I will yours,
We will be happy and not content,
Because we will go on adventures.

Never forget

Would you happen to remember,
How things happened and why?
Have you ever wished to forget,
And be yourself without that piece?

When you forget too much memories,
Your past is full of blanks,
When you think about the future,
You can’t really guess who you’ll be.

When they ask you how things happened,
You say your piece but you get persuaded,
When things happened and they twist it,
And you can’t say what you’re sure of.

Have you ever felt like a puzzle,
With pieces falling out and missing,
When you lack memories of people,
The ones you love and why.

Do you know how it feels like to forget?
When you are unsure of everything,
When the jigsaw has black pieces,
And you can’t remember who you are.

One of our own

We set certain expectations,
For ourselves and our future,
We attempt to put in effort,
And we plan our course of action.

There are times we falter,
We make a detour or change direction,
But we create our own paths,
We must not be discouraged.

our goals are what drives us,
To work hard and explore,
To excite us and inspire us,
To never lose that fire to do something.

We are travelers and explorers,
We discover things and leave things,
But we learn and we accomplish,
What no one else but us can do.

Stop stabbing at my pity

Of all the people to accuse me,
I will never accept it from you.
To call me selfish and unfeeling,
To ask me why I’m giving up on you.

I am not your wife nor a mother of your child,
I have no obligation to see you through.
I tried my best to help and guide,
But now you accuse me when I’m sick of you.

You always cry to show me your tears,
To call to my pity and gain more time,
Because you are trying to shackle me,
Trying to remove my options so I can’t leave.

You keep on asking me why I am selfish,
When I’m trying to care for myself,
You do your best to claim all my efforts.
I don’t want this anymore.

You destroy me and my future,
For the future you wish for yourself.
I do not wish for that to be my reality,
I will shape my own path and not with you.