Keeping faith

We have kept our faith,
All these years,
Through all the hardships,
And we still believe,

We keep on loving and trusting,
When all things are bleak,
While there are troubles,
However much we grumble.

We have pulled through every time,
Through the sad things,
Over the hard toils,
We worked and we hoped.

We’ve come this far,
On You and my fate,
On myself and my will.

Our gifts

We cried to the moon,
Asking for magic,
Pleading for miracles.

We begged the wind,
Lift me up,
Take me home,

We bargained with the fire,
Destroy me as you wish,
Rebuild me.

To the river we lend our lives,
Help me grow,
Give me life.

To the earth we perish,
Help my child,
Use me.

My strength is as strong as my will,
To live and discover,
The magic that is life.