Do you wish my hate and contempt?
Are the words I uttered unheard?
Are you deaf or just uncomprehending?
No means no and you are not in control of me.

Have I not be clear when I said it so?
When I say no and you push your suit,
When I push you away and you taunt me,
You said I wanted it when I didn’t.

There are limits for my tolerance,
And it’s shorter now after staying with you,
You make me feel guilty when I shouldn’t be,
You blame me, yet you’re the one at fault.

You call me selfish, again and again,
To my face and behind my back.
I know I am granted what I want and need,
But your ego is on another level.

I’m hating you and hating my decisions,
I will end this soon and you will know it.
Because I’m hating you and I’m blaming you,
For the wrongs I suffer when I am with you.


Take care of yourself

We determine what we can tolerate,
If it’s worth our love and patience,
And if love wins or not,
We find out sooner or later.

There are times we realize things late,
When we can no longer change course,
Or when we have invested too much,
But step back a bit and think about it.

We have our ideals and it’s rare to find,
The flaws with it are part of the package,
We deal with what we have and work with it,
To a compromise or to find an ending.

Don’t sacrifice yourself for naught,
When you know it’s too wrong and they won’t change,
Because when the time comes and you regret,
You might have sacrificed much more than you should.