Your future is yours alone

I will be your pillar of support,
I will never lift my hand against you,
I will always be your ally,
Please confide in me and love me too.

I will give you all that I can,
My wealth, my time and my health,
I will do my best to live,
As long as I can to stay with you.

I will hold your hand when you are unstable,
I will help you up when you fall,
I will keep you warm and happy,
As much as my strength allows.

I will do all this and more,
All I ask is love in return,
I will not ask you to reciprocate,
I just want you to be happy.


The cage was unlocked and the bird was free to go but the freedom in the forest do not allure it anymore and its wings lost their strength, because it couldn’t fly for a long time, because it lost the adventure in its heart and because it was trapped by what is easy and what is effortless…

Little caged bird, you have wings and can fly but you do not wish to do so…