Lack of activity is lack of life

I envy you and your love,
Your passion and your cheer,
You are like sunshine,
You radiate happiness,

But what do I know about your?
Just mere trinkets you shared,
Not your life or your story,
Not your past or your plans.

I decided when I thought about it,
Instead of envying you,
I asked why you’re happy,
I realize, I should learn from you.

You live your passion everyday,
With what you do and what you achieve,
And what was wrong was actually me,
What I thought and my delusions.

I analysed and found my problem,
My inaction was my lack of happiness,
I should be active and passionate,
With the things I want and yearn for.

So I thank you with this poem,
For showing me your happiness,
For letting me learn my mistake,
I should live as active as I can.


Tell me

Tell me the good stories,
When father fell in love,
When mother said yes,
When sister was finally born.

Tell me happy things,
The childish pranks we did,
The children’s laughter on Christmas eve,
The innocent promises we made.

Tell me the things you’ve learned,
When you sang to me your first song,
When we discovered together,
We were never meant to part.