Just stay safe

We are alive and we learn,
Nothing has ended yet,
Our pains might be difficult,
But struggle is a sign of life.

If you need a stranger to listen,
To problems you can’t tell your friend,
I’m here, I’ll listen,
But let me do the same with my poems.

We might be islands separated by seas,
But we have bridges and ears,
We suffer and we push through,
We are not alone and we are loved.

We are not invisible,
But our struggles might go unnoticed,
So we reach out,
To faraway ears.

We are not alone,
We are in pain but we are alive,
There is tomorrow when you reach out,
Talk to a friend or stranger.

Sometimes we need protection,
Not from external injuries,
Sometimes for emotional pain,
Often, from our own selves.


Good bye to ex-

If I scrolled down far enough,
I would meet you again,
On my timeline and messages,
In my phone and my memory.
If I went to your street,
I can see you as soon as I want.
If I knocked at your door,
You would let me in.
But I’m not allowing myself.
No matter how lonely it gets,
This life and my battles,
Are mine alone now,
And your life and your battles,
You can no longer dump them on me.
I grew up from learning from you,
From learning not get used by you,
And I will never go back to you,
Because I choose to build myself,
And build my own life,
No longer revolving around yours.
Because you had me,
But you did all the wrong things,
You kept on using me,
Disguising it as love,
But it wasn’t.
I was just attached to company,
To history and false promises.
They were all empty things,
You were just using me,
To fill your void that’s not my problem.
So, goodbye,
And good riddance.

Problems of our own

We have been tasked to notice,
The things that are wrong,
And the result of things that might happen,
And we have been tasked to prevent it.
But how can we when we are busy?
Busy with self-doubt and self-hate,
Busy satisfying expectations,
Or busy disappointing ourselves.

We have turmoils of our own,
We are just trying our best on living,
Yet we are expected to be more aware,
Of what happens out and around,
When we can barely manage our own plate.
We have tried and failed,
For lack of experience in success,
Because the problems they seek to notice,
Are the problems we have of our own.

Yet, we must be vigilant,
To notice more than our suffering,
Because the problems we seek to solve,
Have answers lying around us.
It seems like the good people are telling us,
Open your eyes and look,
The problems that you have,
We have solved and recovered,
And these solutions we know,
We seek to share and help yours.