And she’s happy now

Would you have stayed if she was poor?
Would you have noticed her if she was ugly?
If her legs didn’t catch your attention,
Or your pride taken over your logic?

You have never really loved her,
All she was to you was a trophy because she looked pretty,
She was useful because you lust for her,
She was rich, so you used her to get what you want.

She willingly gave you options and her help,
The resources she could’ve spent for herself,
And time she could’ve been happy with another,
All this were just wasted on your arrogance.

She might have done almost everything right,
But your eyes only see your insecurities,
You called your few sincere actions “effort”,
And all her actions, you turned to selfishness.

You lost her, and she’s better off now,
She’s happier alone than when she was with you,
You will never learn who she truly was,
Because you were just in love with your idea of her.


Just stay safe

We are alive and we learn,
Nothing has ended yet,
Our pains might be difficult,
But struggle is a sign of life.

If you need a stranger to listen,
To problems you can’t tell your friend,
I’m here, I’ll listen,
But let me do the same with my poems.

We might be islands separated by seas,
But we have bridges and ears,
We suffer and we push through,
We are not alone and we are loved.

We are not invisible,
But our struggles might go unnoticed,
So we reach out,
To faraway ears.

We are not alone,
We are in pain but we are alive,
There is tomorrow when you reach out,
Talk to a friend or stranger.

Sometimes we need protection,
Not from external injuries,
Sometimes for emotional pain,
Often, from our own selves.

You promised me dreams

I have always wanted to see,
What lies just over the horizon.
To run until I am sweaty,
And feel my skin burnt by the sun.

I love the sea, for what lies beyond,
We climb mountains just for the thrills,
Putting efforts to see and feel,
Leaving behind what drags me down.

You’ve told me that I am a dreamer,
Unrealistic goals with no hope,
But I’ve clung to it like a toddler,
With tiny hands and long tantrums.

I will do my best and show you,
That my goals are not just a dream,
Like the islands we never sailed to,
And the mountains we never claimed.


You call me pretentious,
I can’t disagree.
You call me annoying,
And I can’t say I’m not.
You say I’m nice,
Yes, i try to be
And you say I’m a goody two shoes.
Your words shape who I am to you,
Your words shape who I think I am
Because I am no one
A void of an existence
I am remnants of everyone
And I am who you think i am
But i am not who you think i am

I can’t say i know you
But you cannot begin to recognize me
Because I am a shadow
And my masks are infinite
As those who perceive me

Because I am a void
And you think you know me
But you don’t
Because I am no one
But a fragment of many.
Yes, I am pretentious,
Pretending to exist but doesn’t.