Lack of activity is lack of life

I envy you and your love,
Your passion and your cheer,
You are like sunshine,
You radiate happiness,

But what do I know about your?
Just mere trinkets you shared,
Not your life or your story,
Not your past or your plans.

I decided when I thought about it,
Instead of envying you,
I asked why you’re happy,
I realize, I should learn from you.

You live your passion everyday,
With what you do and what you achieve,
And what was wrong was actually me,
What I thought and my delusions.

I analysed and found my problem,
My inaction was my lack of happiness,
I should be active and passionate,
With the things I want and yearn for.

So I thank you with this poem,
For showing me your happiness,
For letting me learn my mistake,
I should live as active as I can.


More than just staying alive

I have made a new rule,
For myself to achieve something,
Because last year made me realize,
I have to take care of myself first.

I have to nourish myself with meals,
At least 3 meals a day with snacks,
Because I want to feel better,
Because I want to feel like myself again.

I have to drink lots of water,
To keep my mind fresh and running,
Because sometimes I get dizzy,
Just standing up, doing nothing.

I need to exercise and move,
To stay healthy and pump my blood,
So I can move when I need to,
And not fall down from lack of strength.

I want to live healthy,
So my mind can stay clear,
So my heart will not waver,
And my body will keep up.

I will achieve my goals and dreams,
I will move with passion and certainty,
I will not waver and doubt myself,
I will be strong and I will be brave.