I am stronger

I was too kind to you,
I forgot to be kind to myself,
I was too concerned about your happiness,
That I forgot about mine.

We have been happy too,
But you hide from your issues,
You shun my words because I was nagging,
Because you forgot to be self sufficient.

I am again thinking back,
Because I was sincere with you,
I tried my best to be good and kind,
But you’ve never done the same to me.

It was regretful that I was too worried for you,
That I didn’t notice me destroying myself,
Twisting hard to things I don’t want,
Because you kept on telling me your false truths.

You made me think it was alright,
It’s what I should do and my responsibility,
But your life is yours, and my life is mine,
I will not be swayed by your beliefs that shatter my soul.

I am my own person, I’m not in charge of your future,
You manipulated me to stay, to use me,
But I am free now and I looked back,
You only seemed strong because I let you.


Keeping faith

We have kept our faith,
All these years,
Through all the hardships,
And we still believe,

We keep on loving and trusting,
When all things are bleak,
While there are troubles,
However much we grumble.

We have pulled through every time,
Through the sad things,
Over the hard toils,
We worked and we hoped.

We’ve come this far,
On You and my fate,
On myself and my will.

Find a friend

When do you talk to yourself?
When you’re sad? Or angry?
When you are happy and eager?
Or while you are lonely?

What do you say to yourself?
Words of hate and annoyance,
Reproachful but kind words,
Or do you console yourself?

Do you hate yourself and present?
Or are you kind to yourself?
What you do to yourself,
Maybe no one will find out.

Love yourself if no one will,
Be kind to yourself if no one is,
But no man is an island,
Look around and find a friend.

My world with you

There are times I lose faith,
In the things I can do,
When my hands stop moving,
And my mind smothers my fire.

I lose faith in my skills,
The years I considered wasted,
Because I have trained for this,
And yet I should’ve done better.

I show off to you,
The things I can do,
Praise me, encourage me,
Remind me what I love.

With my two hands,
I hoped to show you my world,
The reality as I see,
The reality that I hide.

I want to draw to the world my hopes,
To teach them and teach me,
That the first thing we must learn,
Is to choose to love ourselves.

Tell me all these and more,
About the me only you can see,
About the world only I can give,
And to love myself first.

To see myself as you do

I wish I could see myself the way you see me, then I wouldn’t feel so ugly and I would believe every promise you made and I would know that you love me more than anything else. That I am everything I should be and nothing less, that I may be┬áimperfect but I am good. To see what you find beautiful enough to not leave me.