Just stay safe

We are alive and we learn,
Nothing has ended yet,
Our pains might be difficult,
But struggle is a sign of life.

If you need a stranger to listen,
To problems you can’t tell your friend,
I’m here, I’ll listen,
But let me do the same with my poems.

We might be islands separated by seas,
But we have bridges and ears,
We suffer and we push through,
We are not alone and we are loved.

We are not invisible,
But our struggles might go unnoticed,
So we reach out,
To faraway ears.

We are not alone,
We are in pain but we are alive,
There is tomorrow when you reach out,
Talk to a friend or stranger.

Sometimes we need protection,
Not from external injuries,
Sometimes for emotional pain,
Often, from our own selves.


Don’t hide from me

To them I cherish I give hope,
Gentle suggestions for them to cope,
I analyse and advice,
Or I just listen until they tire.

I know of things that must be done,
What people want to hear and when,
I try to be honest and help,
Even when my hands can only pat a back.

I feel like I know what people need,
I don’t want to claim so but I try.
However it is irritating,
To know none of it applies to me.

I talk to people and share my thoughts,
From things I experienced or things I’ve read,
Still there are times I wished,
That I remained silent and unheard.

I wish to help but can’t help myself,
When I whine I reprimand myself,
“No one wants to hear it so shut it,
It’s your problem so bear it.”

I don’t know what to say,
To myself when I am this way,
I might be in trouble but I won’t complain,
When complaining makes me feel like such a pain.

To our dear mother

To Mama,

You have always been stuck with us,
You love us and we know that,
But there are times when I ask,
Do you love me or hate me as much?

I have always been a curious person,
And I love telling you my stories,
I’m a chatterbox and I’m annoying,
But I thought you would listen anyway.

There were times when you shooed me,
Because of the nonstop chatter I give you.
It was sad and sometimes lonely,
But I know you love me still.

You ask me why I don’t listen,
To all your instructions and wishes,
I still am pretty obedient despite that,
But you refuse to hear what I say.

Dear Mama, I love you.
You always make sure we are healthy,
Even when you don’t know what’s amiss,
I promise I will love you still.

Too Late

Can’t you see?
Can’t you see?
The evil you have taught me,
Your expensive vices
And your promises,
Both things you cannot afford.

Will you look?
Will you look?
Selfishness on your foot prints,
My wearied patience and peace,
Spent on your self pity and pleas,

Have you never heard me?
Have you ever listened?
My piece and my dreams,
My sorrows and my wishes,
But you only ever hear your own.

Faces on empty walls,
Faces in empty rooms,
Faces in the dark,
Voices when I sleep.
They whisper to me,
“Hear me, listen,
I am your phantom,
Your nightmares,
And you are my prey.”

“You’re wrong,”
I cried,
But it was unheard,
It was not uttered,
“Do not torment me!”
I shouted to the void.

The faces are there,
The voices whispered,
“Hear me, hear me,
I will never leave you,
I will torment you,
Until you forgive yourself.”