Your claims are lies

I have told you of my wish,
To leave and spread my wings,
To grow and learn some things,
I simply can’t do if I stay.

You drain my time and resources,
You claim me yet you envy me,
You wish for my pride in you,
Yet you can’t give me proof.

You say my standards are high,
I ask too much and give too little,
That my freedom of choice is selfishness,
And I should stay to keep you happy.

You wish for me like sunlight,
That I should be happy so you can be,
But I have emotions of my own,
And with you there is less so.

Give me my freedom and peace,
Live on your own and for yourself,
I do not wish to be your pillar,
When I need a support of my own.


Where do we stand?

What are we doing?
Jumping from fad to fad,
Just like waves rolling,
One after another.

Do you see what we’re doing,
Believing a most convenient lie,
We just hear what we want,
Not the truth if not your version.

We get fed with lies,
Piling up one after the other,
Just like the bones of our victims,
Obscuring the ground, hiding the truth.

History is written by the victors,
By the masterminds, with their own agenda.
They will say it’s for the greater good,
You will believe them. Of course, it’s convenient.

When will we learn to grow up?
To listen not just to our own voices.
Can’t we stop to hear and listen,
To humanity, to goodness, to justice?

We are turning into puppets,
With their lies plugging up our ears.
We tell everyone that what we do is right,
We say so, while trampling people’s hearts.

What’s the point of our conscience?
What’s the purpose of our minds?
When will we begin to realize,
The truth is not so hard to find?

We don’t have to ask to join,
We just have to take a stand,
Our own place in this society,
Let’s change it one by one.

The nightmares when you are awake

I am a coward and I have cried,
The dark nights I am left alone,
The empty spaces where monsters hide,
The ghosts of the dead, walking, staring.

To jump away from every shadow,
To hide from my nightmares by not sleeping,
I was scared for I know I am weak,
My only armor was the prayer I was taught.

The things we feared when we were young,
The things we avoided and turned away from,
They were trivial now, so very trivial,
Now we face monsters, worse than we imagined.

The laughing strangers, and wandering hands,
That dark vacuum feeling falling into a trap,
Those lonely nights, we feel not enough,
Turning into monsters we never thought we were.

Fear of falling deep, not knowing where,
Fear of isolation, we never saw it coming,
We fear the things that we used to yearn for,
Fearing everything, not letting anything in.

We grew up, we’ve grown tired,
Their endless politics and lies,
We tried our best and we never won,
The arguments we have always been wrong.

Everything can harm you, be it soft and fluffy,
But even so, as we hoped when we were young,
To have courage and fight, for things to claim,
We might be wrong, but this is an adventure.

Winning battles but losing the war

We’re fighting a losing war,
Against ignorance and deceit,
Our schools are riddled with lies,
And our homes are trashed by conceit.

Where will we be safe?
When victors claim our lives,
They claim it because we fought,
For the safe future and abode.

Where have we gone wrong?
Why are the children led astray?
What do we have to do?
To make things right again…