Creating ripples

We have feared making actions,
To affect lives for the worse,
Or make them regret something,
Or to make people sad.

We hesitate to give advice,
Or give half-hearted ones to not be blamed,
We are fickle and we falter,
But we only seek to help.

We fear creating ripples,
Because we know how it feels,
To blame someone for our own decisions,
Just due to minor influence.

I still can’t blame myself for it,
To be fickle when it’s someone else’s life,
Because it’s theirs to live, not mine,
I wish to help, but I’m not perfect.

To see myself as you do

I wish I could see myself the way you see me, then I wouldn’t feel so ugly and I would believe every promise you made and I would know that you love me more than anything else. That I am everything I should be and nothing less, that I may be┬áimperfect but I am good. To see what you find beautiful enough to not leave me.