My mantra

I will be fine, I will be fine,
I will be brave and strong,
I will weather this storm,
I will find happiness too.

I will just try my best,
With the things I have been dealt,
Because it’s too late to change,
And I will just hope to do fine.

I still have hope,
If I can prove them wrong,
Because I will find happiness,
One way or another.

I know I have to give up on some,
But I know I will gain more,
I just have to believe,
That everything will be fine.

I will be fine, I will be fine,
True love will find me,
Even in this mess,
I will be fine, I will be happy.

Keeping faith

We have kept our faith,
All these years,
Through all the hardships,
And we still believe,

We keep on loving and trusting,
When all things are bleak,
While there are troubles,
However much we grumble.

We have pulled through every time,
Through the sad things,
Over the hard toils,
We worked and we hoped.

We’ve come this far,
On You and my fate,
On myself and my will.

All that I am not

Your song sings of adventure,
Of colorful hope and dreams,
I sing it and I feel it,
But those colors I cannot have,

It’s the unsatisfying feeling,
Watching something you want snatched,
It’s seeing something hopeful,
Then seeing something gone.

I wish for the world you lived in,
I wish for the love you can feel,
I envy you and your song,
You are all that I am not.

Love a lot like magic

I have yearned for things I do not have,
Like snowflakes never melting on my palm,
Flight as freeing as the morning light,
And love a lot like magic brewing to boil.

I have waited and envied for things I wish for,
They are not yet here, and I’ve been waiting,
They are not yet ripe, but I have been watching.
Like the light at the tunnel getting nearer, nearer.

Like a flower blooming after winter, hoping. wishing,
Like light filtering through choking obstacles,
We wish, we wish, for things yet to come,
It will be bright, and light, and free, like we will be.

One day my love, my light, my wish, we will meet,
Like magic slowly brewing, we will see,
The love that we’ve been missing,
The love we have yet to find.