Magic in your helping hands

Magic is the happy things in our hearts,
When we shout it, it fades,
When we share it, it blooms,
It hides in your heart and flowers from your hands.

It’s the little wishes you whispered,
Every birthday candle you blew on,
Every shooting star you chanced upon,
And every eyelash you’ve let go.

It’s our happy surprises and our prayers,
Every child’s laughter and smile,
It’s in every help we offer,
And every willing ear we lend.

It’s in our smiles and hugs,
When we comfort and cheer,
When we do our best to help,
And aid those we can reach.

Magic is in our whole being,
When we help and when we are happy,
We keep it in our hearts,
And we let it bloom with our hands.

Where do we stand?

What are we doing?
Jumping from fad to fad,
Just like waves rolling,
One after another.

Do you see what we’re doing,
Believing a most convenient lie,
We just hear what we want,
Not the truth if not your version.

We get fed with lies,
Piling up one after the other,
Just like the bones of our victims,
Obscuring the ground, hiding the truth.

History is written by the victors,
By the masterminds, with their own agenda.
They will say it’s for the greater good,
You will believe them. Of course, it’s convenient.

When will we learn to grow up?
To listen not just to our own voices.
Can’t we stop to hear and listen,
To humanity, to goodness, to justice?

We are turning into puppets,
With their lies plugging up our ears.
We tell everyone that what we do is right,
We say so, while trampling people’s hearts.

What’s the point of our conscience?
What’s the purpose of our minds?
When will we begin to realize,
The truth is not so hard to find?

We don’t have to ask to join,
We just have to take a stand,
Our own place in this society,
Let’s change it one by one.

Bitter Pill You Gave Me

I’m here to pursue my dream,
And I’m shouting it to you.
I ain’t here to nag you clean,
‘Til you pick up your pieces, too.

You will never hold me back,
I will not choose to stay here.
You may give me comfort and lies,
But you will never give me fear.

Because I yearn to be of help,
To people other than me,
To the children who might shape,
The future we long to see.

Because the love I gave you,
Fell to an ungiving heart.
Although it is sad to part,
I must save my heart from you.

My heart wants to give and teach,
And nurture those I can reach,
While you refuse to let me care,
For your unforgiving heart.


The cage was unlocked and the bird was free to go but the freedom in the forest do not allure it anymore and its wings lost their strength, because it couldn’t fly for a long time, because it lost the adventure in its heart and because it was trapped by what is easy and what is effortless…

Little caged bird, you have wings and can fly but you do not wish to do so…