Magic in your helping hands

Magic is the happy things in our hearts,
When we shout it, it fades,
When we share it, it blooms,
It hides in your heart and flowers from your hands.

It’s the little wishes you whispered,
Every birthday candle you blew on,
Every shooting star you chanced upon,
And every eyelash you’ve let go.

It’s our happy surprises and our prayers,
Every child’s laughter and smile,
It’s in every help we offer,
And every willing ear we lend.

It’s in our smiles and hugs,
When we comfort and cheer,
When we do our best to help,
And aid those we can reach.

Magic is in our whole being,
When we help and when we are happy,
We keep it in our hearts,
And we let it bloom with our hands.

I will take care of you

We will be happy and content,
One day someday we’ll find love,
We’ll just try our best right now,
Find what refuge we can get.

I will protect you and love you,
With all my might and strength,
I will give you all that I can,
No matter the consequence I pay.

Because you are my treasure,
I will always be your ally,
I will teach you what I’ve learned,
And I will reach where you can’t.

We will be victorious someday,
Because we did our best right now,
We’ll always face a fresh morning,
Full of hope and dreams.

My mantra

I will be fine, I will be fine,
I will be brave and strong,
I will weather this storm,
I will find happiness too.

I will just try my best,
With the things I have been dealt,
Because it’s too late to change,
And I will just hope to do fine.

I still have hope,
If I can prove them wrong,
Because I will find happiness,
One way or another.

I know I have to give up on some,
But I know I will gain more,
I just have to believe,
That everything will be fine.

I will be fine, I will be fine,
True love will find me,
Even in this mess,
I will be fine, I will be happy.

Your future is yours alone

I will be your pillar of support,
I will never lift my hand against you,
I will always be your ally,
Please confide in me and love me too.

I will give you all that I can,
My wealth, my time and my health,
I will do my best to live,
As long as I can to stay with you.

I will hold your hand when you are unstable,
I will help you up when you fall,
I will keep you warm and happy,
As much as my strength allows.

I will do all this and more,
All I ask is love in return,
I will not ask you to reciprocate,
I just want you to be happy.

Short term cures

I need a bubble bath,
To soothe my rage,
To soothe my sadness,
To make me feel better.

I want to hide in a cozy corner,
Read a book all day today,
To not get out of my bed,
To feel happy things I lack.

Give me a pet to love,
To know that I am needed,
To feel that I am wanted,
To be cuddled and soothed.

I want a jar of happiness,
To pass it around and share,
Because I know that right now,
I am not the only one who is sad.

My playlist

When I get sad,
I reach and seek,
The music that moves my tears.
To stop it and hold it,
Or the songs that makes my tears flow.
I look for the choruses that make me sing,
The melody to put me to sleep,
The lyrics with enough hurt to hurt me,
Because I know I need it,
I need to feel, to cry or to sing out loud.
I seek the beat that makes me dance,
When no one’s looking,
When no one’s listening.
I beat the table with my hands,
In time to the tune that I want,
Or move my hips to and fro,
To be unchained, to be free.
In the music that I hear,
I move my heart and my mind,
I soothe or scratch,
Until I heal or I bleed.
This is the music that I need,
Not the music I want you to hear.


That wooden house by the cliff,
Surrounded by green and brightness,
Tall trees and fruit trees,
Just waiting for picking and climbing,

The wooden house with my warm bed,
There will always be food,
There will always be comfort,
You will always be safe.

Our wooden house with big windows,
Our home with the red gate,
With chickens and goats and ducks,
We will always be at peace.

Our wooden home resting atop a cliff,
Where I will always be a child,
My mother and father will guide me.
Here, my heart will always be rooted.

Happy things

I want to write happy things,
A love story of rich feelings,
Happy endings and well wishes,
A lot of hugs and kisses.

I want to live a happy life,
Surrounded by books and sweets,
With a lover, without strife,
No poverty on the streets.

I want to give a happy love,
To lost children and lots of pets,
Happy days around the globe,
Making memories, no regrets.

I want to give you happiness,
To live for you and smile for you,
Give your life flavor and no mess,
And I’ll promise to be true.