That wooden house by the cliff,
Surrounded by green and brightness,
Tall trees and fruit trees,
Just waiting for picking and climbing,

The wooden house with my warm bed,
There will always be food,
There will always be comfort,
You will always be safe.

Our wooden house with big windows,
Our home with the red gate,
With chickens and goats and ducks,
We will always be at peace.

Our wooden home resting atop a cliff,
Where I will always be a child,
My mother and father will guide me.
Here, my heart will always be rooted.


Happy things

I want to write happy things,
A love story of rich feelings,
Happy endings and well wishes,
A lot of hugs and kisses.

I want to live a happy life,
Surrounded by books and sweets,
With a lover, without strife,
No poverty on the streets.

I want to give a happy love,
To lost children and lots of pets,
Happy days around the globe,
Making memories, no regrets.

I want to give you happiness,
To live for you and smile for you,
Give your life flavor and no mess,
And I’ll promise to be true.

Passed on joys

You are more than what you see in the mirror. The people who love you can see so much more.

Just know that you should also never intentionally make someone else feel bad about himself/herself…

As much as you deserve to be lifted up, so do they.