New possibilities

Learning new things and meeting new people,
An exciting adventure, indoor or outdoor,
We gain experience and connections,
A door to new possibilities to explore.

Let’s invite in new ideas, hopes and dreams,
New future full of new choices,
New options for us to explore,
We are fresh and eager and free.

Let’s aim for that vague light,
The future we plan but cannot foresee,
Because we will drive ourselves to success,
No matter what form will make us happy.

We will choose our paths ourselves,
With no barriers, no chains or walls,
We will move forward from this point,
We will conquer this world with our might.


One of our own

We set certain expectations,
For ourselves and our future,
We attempt to put in effort,
And we plan our course of action.

There are times we falter,
We make a detour or change direction,
But we create our own paths,
We must not be discouraged.

our goals are what drives us,
To work hard and explore,
To excite us and inspire us,
To never lose that fire to do something.

We are travelers and explorers,
We discover things and leave things,
But we learn and we accomplish,
What no one else but us can do.