I don’t like trouble…

Why must you blame me?
For all the wrong things,
The discords and unkempt,
And every other little thing.

Am I not nice to you?
I am meek and obedient,
And I try to please you,
Why do you blame me so?

Am I not loved?
Am I less precious?
Am I unimportant?
Or am I dispensable?

Is it that I’m not quarrelsome?
That I don’t hold grudges,
I don’t pout around and be grumpy,
Is it that I’m just too easy?

Love me, too, please,
Because I try to be nice,
When others are not,
Don’t ignore me.

The small town that never grew

I got off a car after 4 hours,
9 years gone and suddenly back,
Everything’s new yet nothing has changed.
This town is changing yet unchanging.

There were people I knew,
When I was younger and learning,
They never left and they stayed the same,
Just additional numbers on wrinkles and time.

There were new things that came in,
They held strong but they changed,
Dyed in this town’s color,
They now belong but they’re still foreign.

This town that I left and remember,
New colors and building but the same feeling,
The never changing attitude and rhythm,
The people moving in a cycle.

If I stay it would be easy,
To stay the same, never changing,
But that itself is scary in its way,
Never moving, never growing.


The cage was unlocked and the bird was free to go but the freedom in the forest do not allure it anymore and its wings lost their strength, because it couldn’t fly for a long time, because it lost the adventure in its heart and because it was trapped by what is easy and what is effortless…

Little caged bird, you have wings and can fly but you do not wish to do so…