Never lose yourself

When you know what you’re against,
And you fight for it yourself,
Then you’re pressured from all sides,
To the point where you waver,
It hurts to fold to a lie,
A lie you told yourself against you.

When you’re just trying to make sense,
Of the things that surround you,
Just existing is disorienting,
And you are no longer sure,
All your certainties are vanishing,
Because someone turned on you.

It was easy to get stuck in a limbo,
Where you are certain of just one thing,
To fool yourself into submission,
So nothing troublesome happen,
But when you wake up my dear,
That’s when the nightmare starts.

When you wake with frightening certainty,
You have been wronged by yourself,
You have been manipulated against you,
And you have made mistakes you can’t change,
It hurts all the more that you trusted,
The lie that you spun for yourself.

It is painful to realize,
You stole choices from yourself,
You were confused and you were slow,
You were abused and you didn’t know,
You are hurt yet can’t complain,
Because it makes you feel worse.

And when you finally gain strength,
Strength to end everything wrong,
Something has been planted on you,
A limiter to your own possibilities,
It hurts and it’s bittersweet,
Because it’s something you must welcome.


New possibilities

Learning new things and meeting new people,
An exciting adventure, indoor or outdoor,
We gain experience and connections,
A door to new possibilities to explore.

Let’s invite in new ideas, hopes and dreams,
New future full of new choices,
New options for us to explore,
We are fresh and eager and free.

Let’s aim for that vague light,
The future we plan but cannot foresee,
Because we will drive ourselves to success,
No matter what form will make us happy.

We will choose our paths ourselves,
With no barriers, no chains or walls,
We will move forward from this point,
We will conquer this world with our might.

Stop stabbing at my pity

Of all the people to accuse me,
I will never accept it from you.
To call me selfish and unfeeling,
To ask me why I’m giving up on you.

I am not your wife nor a mother of your child,
I have no obligation to see you through.
I tried my best to help and guide,
But now you accuse me when I’m sick of you.

You always cry to show me your tears,
To call to my pity and gain more time,
Because you are trying to shackle me,
Trying to remove my options so I can’t leave.

You keep on asking me why I am selfish,
When I’m trying to care for myself,
You do your best to claim all my efforts.
I don’t want this anymore.

You destroy me and my future,
For the future you wish for yourself.
I do not wish for that to be my reality,
I will shape my own path and not with you.