Changing my pronouns

Changing my we’s to I,
My our’s to my,
And us to me,
Because I chose myself.


My mantra

I will be fine, I will be fine,
I will be brave and strong,
I will weather this storm,
I will find happiness too.

I will just try my best,
With the things I have been dealt,
Because it’s too late to change,
And I will just hope to do fine.

I still have hope,
If I can prove them wrong,
Because I will find happiness,
One way or another.

I know I have to give up on some,
But I know I will gain more,
I just have to believe,
That everything will be fine.

I will be fine, I will be fine,
True love will find me,
Even in this mess,
I will be fine, I will be happy.

The small town that never grew

I got off a car after 4 hours,
9 years gone and suddenly back,
Everything’s new yet nothing has changed.
This town is changing yet unchanging.

There were people I knew,
When I was younger and learning,
They never left and they stayed the same,
Just additional numbers on wrinkles and time.

There were new things that came in,
They held strong but they changed,
Dyed in this town’s color,
They now belong but they’re still foreign.

This town that I left and remember,
New colors and building but the same feeling,
The never changing attitude and rhythm,
The people moving in a cycle.

If I stay it would be easy,
To stay the same, never changing,
But that itself is scary in its way,
Never moving, never growing.

Take care of yourself

We determine what we can tolerate,
If it’s worth our love and patience,
And if love wins or not,
We find out sooner or later.

There are times we realize things late,
When we can no longer change course,
Or when we have invested too much,
But step back a bit and think about it.

We have our ideals and it’s rare to find,
The flaws with it are part of the package,
We deal with what we have and work with it,
To a compromise or to find an ending.

Don’t sacrifice yourself for naught,
When you know it’s too wrong and they won’t change,
Because when the time comes and you regret,
You might have sacrificed much more than you should.

I am alive and I changed

They say people are like reflections,
The emotions you show and feel,
The smile, the anger, the sadness,
It can be reflected back to you.

I assume that this is your reason,
Why you expect me to smile as you wish,
So you could be happy as I seem,
Even when I feel empty within.

You tell me you know me,
You say you knew that my smiles are true,
You say we’ve been happy,
And your choices are for “us”

The truth as you see right now,
Is but a fraction of me,
Because when I am unhappy and anxious,
You refuse to believe I can be.

You tell me I am your beacon,
In the night that is your life.
I am not digital, I can’t stay the same,
The things you wish for are too selfish.

It takes effort

There’s this cycle we were brought up to,
Taught in school,
Taught at home,
Get up with the sun, and be no bother,
Sleep when you’re tired,
Or sleep when you’re told.

Like clockwork we rise,
Like gears we fit into place,
Moving when moved and stopping when stopped,
We’ve been at this for ages,
Nothing changed but time and place.

If you fit and you roll,
Just as the others have intended,
Remind yourself not to fall,
For the pattern that is easy.
We are not gears,
We are not manufactured.
We’re alive.
We are individuals.
We are different.
Prove it.
Work on it.
We can change…
We can grow.