Why do we stay?

I tried imagining it,
What you see when you look at me,
When on my lips you hear a whisper,
A constant promise of me leaving.

I try hearing my voice with your ears,
What you hear when I sing,
When my songs are of flying,
Away from here, away from you.

I wonder why you stay,
I might be barren, my life fleeting.
I can promise you today,
And we can only dream of tomorrow.

I am selfish and unkind,
Not even beautiful or alluring.
I nag you and criticize you,
And yet you insist that I stay.

Tell me your reasons and wishes,
When you choose to cage me when I wish to leave.
I do not wish to hate you,
When you promise me your future and not my dream.


The cage was unlocked and the bird was free to go but the freedom in the forest do not allure it anymore and its wings lost their strength, because it couldn’t fly for a long time, because it lost the adventure in its heart and because it was trapped by what is easy and what is effortless…

Little caged bird, you have wings and can fly but you do not wish to do so…