A happy childhood, a happy heart

I chased the clouds, the moon and the sun,
I was once young too,
I have wished for what I can’t have,
But for them, I will wish it all again.

The same questions and wonders I had,
The vivid imagination and dreams,
To wish for them the same world,
A future full of hopes and wishes.

It will be a different world, I know,
From what I had growing up in the suburbs,
I was happy then, blissful and carefree,
I wish for them the same childhood.

One day when they grow into adults,
As I have now with all the problems to face,
I wish for them the same memories,
To help them keep a happy heart.

Magic in your helping hands

Magic is the happy things in our hearts,
When we shout it, it fades,
When we share it, it blooms,
It hides in your heart and flowers from your hands.

It’s the little wishes you whispered,
Every birthday candle you blew on,
Every shooting star you chanced upon,
And every eyelash you’ve let go.

It’s our happy surprises and our prayers,
Every child’s laughter and smile,
It’s in every help we offer,
And every willing ear we lend.

It’s in our smiles and hugs,
When we comfort and cheer,
When we do our best to help,
And aid those we can reach.

Magic is in our whole being,
When we help and when we are happy,
We keep it in our hearts,
And we let it bloom with our hands.

I will take care of you

We will be happy and content,
One day someday we’ll find love,
We’ll just try our best right now,
Find what refuge we can get.

I will protect you and love you,
With all my might and strength,
I will give you all that I can,
No matter the consequence I pay.

Because you are my treasure,
I will always be your ally,
I will teach you what I’ve learned,
And I will reach where you can’t.

We will be victorious someday,
Because we did our best right now,
We’ll always face a fresh morning,
Full of hope and dreams.

My mantra

I will be fine, I will be fine,
I will be brave and strong,
I will weather this storm,
I will find happiness too.

I will just try my best,
With the things I have been dealt,
Because it’s too late to change,
And I will just hope to do fine.

I still have hope,
If I can prove them wrong,
Because I will find happiness,
One way or another.

I know I have to give up on some,
But I know I will gain more,
I just have to believe,
That everything will be fine.

I will be fine, I will be fine,
True love will find me,
Even in this mess,
I will be fine, I will be happy.

My silence

I wish to live for myself,
To have a will of my own,
To not be manipulated,
To simply do as I please.

I will have happy hours,
Reading book after book,
Steady white noise,
With turning pages for interruption.

To play all the music I wish,
To say what I want,
To be who I want,
I have no need for your expectations,

I am my own woman,
And I will live my life,
I will claim this silence,
It’s beautiful without you.

New possibilities

Learning new things and meeting new people,
An exciting adventure, indoor or outdoor,
We gain experience and connections,
A door to new possibilities to explore.

Let’s invite in new ideas, hopes and dreams,
New future full of new choices,
New options for us to explore,
We are fresh and eager and free.

Let’s aim for that vague light,
The future we plan but cannot foresee,
Because we will drive ourselves to success,
No matter what form will make us happy.

We will choose our paths ourselves,
With no barriers, no chains or walls,
We will move forward from this point,
We will conquer this world with our might.

Your future is yours alone

I will be your pillar of support,
I will never lift my hand against you,
I will always be your ally,
Please confide in me and love me too.

I will give you all that I can,
My wealth, my time and my health,
I will do my best to live,
As long as I can to stay with you.

I will hold your hand when you are unstable,
I will help you up when you fall,
I will keep you warm and happy,
As much as my strength allows.

I will do all this and more,
All I ask is love in return,
I will not ask you to reciprocate,
I just want you to be happy.

Lack of activity is lack of life

I envy you and your love,
Your passion and your cheer,
You are like sunshine,
You radiate happiness,

But what do I know about your?
Just mere trinkets you shared,
Not your life or your story,
Not your past or your plans.

I decided when I thought about it,
Instead of envying you,
I asked why you’re happy,
I realize, I should learn from you.

You live your passion everyday,
With what you do and what you achieve,
And what was wrong was actually me,
What I thought and my delusions.

I analysed and found my problem,
My inaction was my lack of happiness,
I should be active and passionate,
With the things I want and yearn for.

So I thank you with this poem,
For showing me your happiness,
For letting me learn my mistake,
I should live as active as I can.

Motivating myself

I’m sorry I haven’t updated this blog regularly, I was still organizing my thoughts and what I want for this year. It was actually a very unhealthy year for me last year and I want to change things up for 2017. I’m taking a course soon, and if I’m crazy/not-lazy enough I might add in doodles because I really need to practice drawing everyday or I won’t be able to use my hard earned skills(very expensive lessons).

Thank you for your likes and follows, I really appreciate it and it keeps me pumped up to update this as often as I can. I am actually an employed person(shock). Sorry for my fiddling skills in writing, I do this mostly to let off steam because I am not good at expressing myself and my thoughts. I try, but when I do, I regret it later on so I’d rather not, that’s why I’m here.

Let’s make 2017 a better year! We’ll be our better selves and then we’ll change the world one smile at a time! (Although my poems are gloomy, sorry) Let’s do our best!

More than just staying alive

I have made a new rule,
For myself to achieve something,
Because last year made me realize,
I have to take care of myself first.

I have to nourish myself with meals,
At least 3 meals a day with snacks,
Because I want to feel better,
Because I want to feel like myself again.

I have to drink lots of water,
To keep my mind fresh and running,
Because sometimes I get dizzy,
Just standing up, doing nothing.

I need to exercise and move,
To stay healthy and pump my blood,
So I can move when I need to,
And not fall down from lack of strength.

I want to live healthy,
So my mind can stay clear,
So my heart will not waver,
And my body will keep up.

I will achieve my goals and dreams,
I will move with passion and certainty,
I will not waver and doubt myself,
I will be strong and I will be brave.