Imagine it


Imagine a child without a friend in the world,
Who her peers had shunned for difference,
And the guys made fun of for naivety,
Imagine that and wonder how her life had been.

Imagine a daughter her parents had loved,
But always fretted about because she was weird,
Why wasn’t she like her siblings?
They were normal and smart and had friends.

Imagine her loneliness from a town she was unwelcome,
Moving into a city looking for a place to belong,
Imagine years of gaining a friend and losing them,
Facing her journey mostly alone.

Imagine then her joy, meeting a group of friends,
They welcomed her and accepted her,
She finally belonged, she’s finally accepted,
She was happy and proud, to finally gain some friends.

Imagine then, when one of those friends,
Turned his eyes to her and fancied her,
To finally feel wanted and pleasing,
To feel like not a reject and unpleasing.


Imagine too when she rejected the guy,
For her family and for herself,
Then her friends turning on her,
Because it was speculated that she was a tease.

Imagine then the pressure she faced,
To simply go along and accept what she’s handed,
And to accept even the things she’s reluctant to,
Simply because it was normal and it was what was done.


Imagine then her world growing up,
Isolated with no one to really complain to,
Even when things started going wrong,
She wasn’t even aware they were that bad.

Imagine then when her parents found out,
The things she gave up for “love”,
That she was lying to herself about love,
Just to keep what she finally had.


And when things were really really bad,
And she realized it and stopped at her tracks,
And her parents were reprimanding her,
For being stupid and doing what’s “normal”.

Imagine how it hurt her, for her parents to shun her,
To ask her what they lacked for her,
To come home and find that her plea was denied,
Because she was stupid and unchaste.

Imagine then her frustrations, to be told what they thought,
That a woman’s chastity, is just a trophy for men,
That all the more now, she was told she will be unwanted,
Because she is now tainted, dirty and used.

And in this situation, she was told her mother’s dream,
To have her married happily, with a husband who can earn,
To have children while supported and welcomed by the world,
Imagine then seeing her life fall apart from those words.


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