Thanks for encouraging me

I had a goal I knew,
A dream I wished for,
I had plans and everything,
Except action and decision,

There are things I want,
To do and accomplish,
But certainty, I lack,
The conviction to push through,

How can I put effort,
On things I know will fail,
Because I was too used to it,
To getting discouraged by you,

“Why?” you ask me again and again,
Why I falter and fail too much,
Unlike my brothers and sister.
Why am I the only one unsuccessful?

I was never sure what I really want,
I have never been sure of what I can do,
I have devised plans and course of action,
But I never put enough effort.

How can I when I know what you’ll say,
That I’m never good enough,
And never industrious enough,
When my efforts you claim are useless.


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