Middle children

We were young and happy,
We were annoying and crazy,
Our parents were often furious,
And we never did stay put.

I was the worse one between us,
With all the issues and care,
You were the quiet one and precious,
Our family’s first born heir.

We were mistaken as twins,
We were mischievous and troublesome,
We almost burned the house down,
And we were just 4 and 3 years old.

I missed what we were,
We got along and we had fun,
We annoyed each other a lot,
We fought and made up.

I don’t know how we drifted,
As usual, it’s probably my fault,
Even if it’s not, they would disagree,
Because you’re precious and I’m not.

I hated you and I loved you,
Even when we are now like strangers,
We rarely talk and laugh,
You are no longer familiar to me.

I wish we could be siblings again,
Like we used to when we were young,
When we fought and made up,
And brew trouble and got busted.


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