On keeping friends

When I graduated from being bullied,
I was surrounded by new people,
I tried my best to be better,
To no longer cry and show anger.

I did my best to fit in,
To be jolly and friendly,
I had lots of acquaintances,
I knew a lot of people,

Before I realized it,
I have turned stoic and apathetic,
I trusted no one,
I held no deep attachment.

I wanted friends to hangout with,
But I had no one and I was lonely,
No one will call me out of the blue,
No one to hang out with during breaks.

I don’t know how I got new friends,
I wasn’t aware until it began,
They call me out and we hang around,
We go out and we broke a few rules.

I was still unattached,
But I knew I could stay,
I could call them my friends,
Even when I’m not priority.

I guess with how things went,
What I learned the most was,
I should not kill my emotions,
Just so I can blend in.

They might think me as a friend,
But they will plant no roots on me,
When they know I’ll just leave,
As easily as I arrived.


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