My playlist

When I get sad,
I reach and seek,
The music that moves my tears.
To stop it and hold it,
Or the songs that makes my tears flow.
I look for the choruses that make me sing,
The melody to put me to sleep,
The lyrics with enough hurt to hurt me,
Because I know I need it,
I need to feel, to cry or to sing out loud.
I seek the beat that makes me dance,
When no one’s looking,
When no one’s listening.
I beat the table with my hands,
In time to the tune that I want,
Or move my hips to and fro,
To be unchained, to be free.
In the music that I hear,
I move my heart and my mind,
I soothe or scratch,
Until I heal or I bleed.
This is the music that I need,
Not the music I want you to hear.


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