To our dear mother

To Mama,

You have always been stuck with us,
You love us and we know that,
But there are times when I ask,
Do you love me or hate me as much?

I have always been a curious person,
And I love telling you my stories,
I’m a chatterbox and I’m annoying,
But I thought you would listen anyway.

There were times when you shooed me,
Because of the nonstop chatter I give you.
It was sad and sometimes lonely,
But I know you love me still.

You ask me why I don’t listen,
To all your instructions and wishes,
I still am pretty obedient despite that,
But you refuse to hear what I say.

Dear Mama, I love you.
You always make sure we are healthy,
Even when you don’t know what’s amiss,
I promise I will love you still.


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