My world with you

There are times I lose faith,
In the things I can do,
When my hands stop moving,
And my mind smothers my fire.

I lose faith in my skills,
The years I considered wasted,
Because I have trained for this,
And yet I should’ve done better.

I show off to you,
The things I can do,
Praise me, encourage me,
Remind me what I love.

With my two hands,
I hoped to show you my world,
The reality as I see,
The reality that I hide.

I want to draw to the world my hopes,
To teach them and teach me,
That the first thing we must learn,
Is to choose to love ourselves.

Tell me all these and more,
About the me only you can see,
About the world only I can give,
And to love myself first.

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