We all have our reasons

There are words that rhyme in my mouth,
I have thoughts in my head I want to share,
I have feelings in my heart I want you to know,
And I have tears I have yet to shed.

I’ve had a happy life, a blessed childhood,
We had good fortune and golden lessons,
We learned, we laughed, we cried and shared,
We are happy, but what’s missing?

I was brought up happy, and I look happy,
I share my smile but not my heart,
I laugh loud but shed silent tears,
I look happy, you will think I’m happy.

“Others have it worse” or so they say,
I am blessed and fortunate,
This I really believe,
But things are amiss, and you have no clue.

I have a will to please and I wish you proud,
Of the daughter you raised as best as you can
I wanted you happy, no regrets, no worries,
But here I am, not much of a person.

I am obedient and I am proud,
Of what you’ve taught me and things you showed me,
But what of me have I shown?
When I have always been ordered to do as told?


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