“Normal” is Their String

In a society that expects you to behave,
According to certain rules of conduct,
You can’t rely on your own judgement,
Because that will not be respectful.

In this society, you were brought up,
Learning certain rules in life,
That your own judgement in what’s right,
Is up for rebuke if it’s not theirs.

This society we live in,
They want you to be tame,
Unselfish and loyal,
To the ways we each were taught.

This SOCIETY we live in,
Where it’s normal to distinguish,
Black from white, concave or convex.
Decides your place in life for you.

IN THIS SOCIETY we were taught,
Your WORTH depends on NUMBERS.
That the light you have in your heart,
Is unwise and inconvenient.

THIS VERY SOCIETY we exist in,
The more dead you are, the better you fit,
Because what they need are puppets,
Not a fighter with a heart.

We were taught to kill our hearts,
In the same breath they taught numbers.
Because your passion does not matter,
If it’s against their flow of power.

They say, each of us is unique,
So no one really is,
So they kill what’s different in each,


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