We grow up

When I was very young,
I told myself that everyone is my friend,
If I want something done,
I can think of a way to solve it one way or another,
That I can trust a person who smiles,
Or avoid doing things that I know are wrong,
And that life is easy as long as you follow the rules.

When I realized that I can already walk on my own two feet,
Not everyone can be your friend, you forget them and they forget you,
But you can choose a few who will always stay by your side,

I found out that I can’t do everything by myself,
And not everything is possible,
But with good people around you,
Things are much easier,
And more things are possible,

I realized that people can smile insincerely,
And sometimes, people smile just to deceive you,
That people smile to hide their sadness.

I have done things that I knew were wrong,
Because they seem interesting and I can fit in,
It’s not something I regret though, I learned from it,

And life is anything but easy,
Worse for those who always follow the rules,
And life was easy back then,
Simply because my parents are the best foundation for a home
And I can never ask for better.


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